German Amateur Radio Station DF9ZO

Gerhard (Gerd) Tamm - Roßdorfer Str. 1A - D-63486 Bruchköbel
DF9ZO - DOK F09 - JO40LE - ITU 28

© 2010 Gerhard Tamm, DF9ZO - email:


Symm. Antenna-Tuner v1.1 with universal control (PC/MC):

* Antenna-Tuner (zip)

ICOM-Control (Funk Amateur 11/2012, MC, Keyboard, Display):

* ICOM-Control (zip)

Tools (MS-Windows >= XP):

* Multiple Frequency Transmission-Line-Calculator (zip)

ICOM Rig Control (MS-Windows >= XP, MEM-Man. 7000, 7100, 7600):

(Unzip to any directory, read Program_Radio_Configuration.pdf first)

Programs for old radios (datalength 4/5, mech. filters) on request

* ICOM Rig Control for NEW (> 7000-series) Radios with DSP-Filters (zip)


Ham-radio is not everything in life...

I have a master-degree Telecom, IT, RF (Dipl.-Ing. Nachrichtentechnik, TU Darmstadt)

which helps me a lot to understand new technologies even as a retired guy.

Other interests:

- Sailing

- Programming: C++(PC), C(Controller), VBA(MS-Office, mainly MS-EXCEL), see projects above.

- Music (Classical music, R+B, Rock, Blues), playing Bass since i was 16.